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An Encounter with Crisco!

Last week while Liz was tirelessly organizing recipes for our upcoming website redesign, Janice was in Chicago at a Food & Culinary Professionals executive committee meeting (the FCP group is part of the American Dietetic Association and attracts “foodie” dietitians like us). On Saturday, as part of a team-building exercise, the group stopped by The Wilton School of Cake Decorating to learn the art of making molded chocolate candies. Isn’t it nice to know that dietitians can let their hair down once in a while for candy-making fun?

For Janice, the most hilarious and surprising part of the lesson was the moment her instructor told everyone to rub their hands in Crisco (turns out it’s easier to work with fondant when your hands are greased up with shortening). Thankfully, it was the new trans-fat-free variety! Coming home with a box of homemade chocolate candies and a giant chocolate lollypop for Leah was a huge treat for her entire family!