An Encounter with Crisco!

Last week while Liz was tirelessly organizing recipes for our upcoming website redesign, Janice was in Chicago at a Food & Culinary Professionals executive committee meeting (the FCP group is part of the American Dietetic Association and attracts “foodie” dietitians like us). On Saturday, as part of a team-building exercise, the group stopped by The Wilton School of Cake Decorating to learn the art of making molded chocolate candies. Isn’t it nice to know that dietitians can let their hair down once in a while for candy-making fun?

For Janice, the most hilarious and surprising part of the lesson was the moment her instructor told everyone to rub their hands in Crisco (turns out it’s easier to work with fondant when your hands are greased up with shortening). Thankfully, it was the new trans-fat-free variety! Coming home with a box of homemade chocolate candies and a giant chocolate lollypop for Leah was a huge treat for her entire family!

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  1. Ann Says:

    With the hot weather here, I’m looking for a ‘cool’ pasta meal for the family. Love to hear any ideas or suggestions for summer meals. We don’t have a grill and in the midst of trying to sell our home so quick and easy is my middle name. Hard to eat ‘hot’ food sometimes when I feel HOT already! :)

  2. The Meal Makeover Moms Says:

    Hi Ann:

    Check out our April 26th post and recipe for Farfalle Salad with Chick Peas and Broccoli. It’s perfect for a hot summer night dinner. We sometimes add grilled chicken or shrimp or diced ham or deli turkey to our pasta salads as well. We have a Kitchen Sink Pasta salad in our book that has artichoke hearts- yum! Anything goes in a pasta salad- leftover veggies, olives, cheese, etc. Just be creative and use up your leftovers!

    Good luck selling your home and keep in touch.

  3. Michelle R Says:

    Loving the new podcast! And so happy to hear that you are also enjoying farm fresh produce from a CSA. This is my first year and I’d love to hear (or read!) some tips on cooking with a CSA share. I’m a planner and weekly surprises are becoming challenging for me!

  4. The Meal Makeover Moms Says:

    Hi Michelle:
    I just arrived home from picking up my first share of our CSA. Organic strawberries, lettuce, bok choy, baby spinach, and sugar snap peas was in this week’s basket. It is a bit challenging not knowing what you will be getting but that’s part of the fun! I plan to stir fry the bok choy with chicken and red bell peppers, make a salad with the lettuce, put the sugar snap peas in my daughters’ lunch boxes tomorrow with a little ranch dressing, and eat the strawberries tonight after dinner dipped in a little melted semisweet chocolate chips.
    If you get something you have never tried before you can search the web for recipes to give you some ideas. We often start there. Let us know if there are any particular veggies that stump you and we’ll see if we can come up with any ideas. Welcome Summer!!

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